My work is composed of printed ephemera including prints, artist books, and zines. I hand draw my imagery that is then reproduced with silkscreen or digital Inkjet printing methods. I work in printmaking because it allows me to create multiples. Art should be accessible despite socioeconomic class and the democratic multiple allows me to create art that can reach everyone. In my work I aim to speak out against oppressions that I face as well as bring awareness to injustices faced by other marginalized groups.

In my work, I research statistics and jot down the numbers that I find the most shocking and the most poignant. I utilize whimsical, anthropomorphized fruit and vegetable characters to symbolize marginalized groups. These characters allow my zines to remain approachable despite the serious topics they address. I silkscreen zines to be reproduced digitally with an Inkjet printer. The zine format inspires me to inform and educate others about issues that are at the forefront of today’s political climate.

My work also explores possessions and archives as portraits of people and their lives. I am interested in the mundane and romanticizing the everyday. I am interested in the ways that people select and curate their possessions and how these objects reflect their lives and distinct personalities. My exploration of objects relates more directly to myself than my political work, in that I have illustrated my own objects to create a zine that acts as a self-portrait.

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